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Hello, I was hoping to find out if what I am experiencing is normal. At 10 weeks I went in for an appt to hear the heartbeat and they sent me for an US when my doc couldn't hear it. I was told it was a blighted ovum and that I had some options: 1. I could wait to naturally miscarry. 2. I could go for a d and c. 3. I could take mistoprolol, which is a pill that induces miscarriages.

I chose to take mistoprolol. I bled for over a month and went in for 2 ultrasounds which showed that there was still stuff I needed to pass. So after almost 5 weeks, I ended up having to have a d and c anyways. I went in to have that 11 days ago. I would say I bled lightly for 7 days, but it progressively got lighter until it stopped at about 1 week. I didn't have to wear a pad for 2 days (which was great, b/c I had been wearing one every day for over 45 days). Then 2 days ago the bleeding started again! Not light, but not heavy. Not to be gross, but both brown and red. It's unbelieveable! Is this ever going to end? And why am I bleeding again? Did they not get everything? Could this be my period?

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