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Hi, Im 8 weeks pregnant and when i was 7 weeks pregnant i started bleeding and bled for just about a week, i never had any cramps or anything and when i was bleeding it was like stringy and then the day that i stoped bleeding i had brown stringy stuff (sorry, i know its TMI) but i did feel like i pulled a muscle. and i went to the ER as soon as i started bleeding and they told me my HCG levels were low and have been low ever since, and they did find the heartbeat but it was low, and then the other day i went to my OB and she said that since my levels were so low she thought i had lost my baby but i never passed clots or anything that appeared to be a baby, and then i took a pregnancy test the other day and it said negitive, also while i was bleeding i didnt bleed alot at all i didnt even fill a pad a day, it wasnt even as bad as when i get a period it was like nothing but i was still bleeding. has anyone else had this? please im scared but i dont think i lost my baby!!
My 1st miscarriage was back in August. I was about 7 1/2 weeks along when I started spotting. At first the doctor's didn't think it was anything to be concerned about, but they drew blood to check my hcg levels. Over the next 2 days, the bleeding got a little worse, but no cramps & no clots. It was lighter than a normal period. They checked my levels again & they were dropping, which confirmed a miscarriage. I did not need a d&c, they checked my levels every few days until they went all the way down. I had my 2nd miscarriage in November, when I was about 5 1/2 weeks. That time I woke up in the middle of the night in terrible pain. I was cramping terribly and there were alot of blood clots. I went to the ER & they confirmed my miscarriage. So my 2 miscarriages where very different. If you took a pregnancy test & it came back negative, then that's a pretty clear sign that a miscarriage has occurred. I know its tough, but you have to keep trying. I got pregnant for the 3rd time in January & now I'm 20 weeks (I needed extra progesterone). Talk to your doctor if you have any more questions. Good Luck & God Bless! :)

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