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I had an ultrasound and the baby's heart beat was not present nor was there any fetal movement. Friday I had a shot of progesterone that I don't believe I needed' I have read that too much projesterone will cause sedation. Could the baby's heartbeat just be so sedated that it is not readible?
I'm so sorry for your news. I think at 16 weeks the heartbeat should be pretty strong regardless of sedation. How are you doing now?
Actually--after three days I felt my baby kick in my tummy one time--then 20 minutes later several "flutters" Since then my baby has been moving around and growing--all of my symptoms returned after the kick and flutter experience--I am not going back to the doctor though--they tried to give me a medication to abort my baby--this baby is a promise from God and I stood on that promise and believed God instead of the Doctors--because of that my son is alive and well! I am just enjoying my pregnancy now and excited about the miracle that took place in this baby's life! Thanks for responding.:angel:
Wow! Are you serious?
So are you ever going to go back to the doctors?
You may want to get a 2nd opinion on this. I'm sorry that you got bad news at your appt, but at 16 weeks the heartbeat should be strong and there should be movement. Even when the baby is sleeping the doc can get the baby to move. I hope that it was an error at your other appt.
Hi. I was 16 weeks pregnant and I was spotting. I went to emergency and waited 9 hours for a portable ultrasound to be done. They told me to go home and that everything was fine but to return the next day for a real ultrasound. I was happy to hear everything was Ok but returned the next day. The tech. examined me and called the doctor. They told me there was no heart beat. I was shocked. Less than 24 hours agao, they told me everything was fine. Needless to say I had a D&C done and got a severe infection. I went back for an ultrsound and they found another dead fetus. I had to have another D&C done. This happened to me back in November and I still get upset thinking about the whole thing. I'm very happy for you and want to let you know to trust your instincts and be your own doctor. Hope the baby is OK.

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