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Hey all. I am currently going through what i am pretty sure is my third miscarriage in a row. All of my miscarriages seem to be from differrent reasons, the first 2 were missed miscarriages. The first was last year, about a year ago now, thought i was 3months along, then when i woke on mothers day, found out i was spotting. That didnt bother me too much, as i know that can happen, anyway, long story short, went and had a scan to make sure everything was ok, only to find out there was no heart beat and that it had actually died at 5 and a half weeks, it was just staying in there, so had emergency d and c. Second miscarriage was 3 months ago, had early scan to make sure everything was ok, found out the date was possibly wrong because there was just an empty egg, no fetal pole or anything inside it. We are currently trialing Misoprostol here, had 2 doses of that, which didnt work and ended up with a d and c and anyway. Now, for this one, I only found out I was pregnant on sunday morning, period was due sat, they normally on time, and went the whole day thinking i was pregnant. On monday morning I started bleeding, because i have rhesus negative blood and have to get an injection of anti d when ever i bleed in pregnancy, so went to the doctor. Was told it was a threatened miscarriage, (was only spotting at the time). I have since been bleeding, but not filling a pad, just bleeding when i go to the toilet and when i wipe, but i did have some clotting yesterday. I have niggly little cramps, and more bleeding today, so i am pretty sure i have miscarried again. Now i was just wondering if anyone has been through the same kind of thing or if anyone knows why this has happened 3 times in a row? I only just turned 30 yesterday, and we already have 3 boys, but are trying for the fourth and final baby.........

Each miscarriage has been for different reasons, and i am wondering if i should worry about getting some kind of testing done or weather i should jsut keep trying and see how it goes?

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