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2 days ago i went into hospital at about 4 in the morning with a ache in my stomach and an odd sharp pain and heavy fresh blood with clots i was soo scared because i was 18 weeks pregnant untill i went to the gynogaliest where he scaned the baby and felt around my belly and then done a spectrum or something where they look inside to see the cervix he told me everything was fine and that it was normal and if i was still bleeding to come back in the morning.

i woke up again at about 10 feeling amazingly happy that the baby was fine untill i went to the toilet where there was more bleedin so i woke my boyfriend and we went over to the hospital and a nurse done as scan and said there was no heart beat and even tried to listen for one and my heart sank! she told me that she'd get a doctor and just confirm what she thought and he did he tell me the baby had died at 16 weeks!

i couldnt believe it and i still dont! it hurts so much i actually feel my heart breaking more and more everyday and i've never felt soo alone even tho i have everyone suporting me i just dont know what to do with myself i had already started planning things and thinking bout my future and what pram or cot i was going to buy. i really didn't think this would happen after 12 weeks

My baby would of been born 2 november and i would of called her Ella Rose

I have just recently found out I was pregnant. I have had really sharp pains and some spotting. I have even felt like I was having a contraction.About to weeks ago it felt like something was about to come out of me but nothing did. I still have pains and more frequent spooting. Am I having a missed miscarriage? Anyone please help!

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