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Last week I took a home pregnancy test, it was positive with a lighter line than the control line. I was 3 days late when I took it on friday. On sunday, I started bleeding like I started af on the 5th day of my cycle, very light but more than spotting. I had cramping but not as severe as I usually do when I get af. I called my dr and she sent me for blood work and a u/s. I had a u/s last week, and they found a small complex cyst. The u/s I had done yesterday showed that it was gone, which the tech kept saying is very good especially if I'm pregnant. Since monday I've only been spotting, I've also had some lower back pain, pain in my left breast, and also my teeth on the lower left jaw have been hurting. I've never had the pain in my jaw before. Some of my friends are saying that its commmon during pregnancy. I'm just wondering if I could still be pregnant, or if the bleeding means I had a miscarriage? The dr said my expected due date is Feb. 3rd, but she didn't really say if I'm having a miscarriage, just that she wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy which I've had before.

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