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Last week I took a home pregnancy test, it was positive with a lighter line than the control line. I was 3 days late when I took it on friday. On sunday, I started bleeding like I started af on the 5th day of my cycle, very light but more than spotting. I had cramping but not as severe as I usually do when I get af. I called my dr and she sent me for blood work and a u/s. I had a u/s last week, and they found a small complex cyst. The u/s I had done yesterday showed that it was gone, which the tech kept saying is very good especially if I'm pregnant. Since monday I've only been spotting, I've also had some lower back pain, pain in my left breast, and also my teeth on the lower left jaw have been hurting. I've never had the pain in my jaw before. Some of my friends are saying that its commmon during pregnancy. I'm just wondering if I could still be pregnant, or if the bleeding means I had a miscarriage? The dr said my expected due date is Feb. 3rd, but she didn't really say if I'm having a miscarriage, just that she wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy which I've had before.
Bleeding does NOT always mean miscarriage (just like no bleeding, in my previous case, doesnt mean the baby is ok). The cramping plus bleeding though, is a problem, best idea is to get to the doctor as soon as possible. But I had some cramping after I found out I was preg, it wasnt bad cramping, just little bits here and there, and it never came again after about week 6 I believe.
Ive been pregnant twice the first ended in early m/c and im currently 38wks pregnant at the moment. With both on them i experianced bleeding and cramping early on the only difference is that with the miscarriage the bleeding started off as spotting and just got heavier and heavier over the space of a week until eventually i was bleeding really heavy with big clots, also the cramps were awfull and i was in bed for about a week afterwards feeling feverish and dizzy.
With this pregnancy i had some spotting around the time my period was due that seemed to stop after a week and i had some cramping on and off till about 12weeks. But i also had some light bleeding at about 11wks but it seemed to stop straight after a scan showed a healthly baby.
So basically as long as you arnt bleeding heavy (with clots) and bad cramps i would say there is a good chance that you are still pregnant!
I really hope that you are ok and whatever the outcome you end up with a healthy baby bump soon xx
Thank you both for your posts. I got a blood test which came back negative, my hormones were less than 2. I still don't feel like I had a period, and I still have some of the same symptoms but I've never heard of a false negative blood test. My dr said a chemical pregnancy was possible, but she's not very imformative. She didn't tell me the full truth about a cyst they found the week before, so I'm going to get a new dr and see if my symptoms are connected to the cyst I had that disappeared when I started spotting.
I have had moderate bleeding (seems like a lot when I wipe, but almost nothing on the pad I wear daily)--ultrasound shows gestational sac that appears to be empty. My cervix is closed--doc. said she sees a lot of old blood. I'm just waiting for the hormone tests to come back and have another ultrasound to see if the gestational sac has changed. Doctor said perhaps we are not as far along in the pregnancy as I thought. I am confused as to where this blood is coming from with a closed cervix!

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