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Ive been pregnant twice the first ended in early m/c and im currently 38wks pregnant at the moment. With both on them i experianced bleeding and cramping early on the only difference is that with the miscarriage the bleeding started off as spotting and just got heavier and heavier over the space of a week until eventually i was bleeding really heavy with big clots, also the cramps were awfull and i was in bed for about a week afterwards feeling feverish and dizzy.
With this pregnancy i had some spotting around the time my period was due that seemed to stop after a week and i had some cramping on and off till about 12weeks. But i also had some light bleeding at about 11wks but it seemed to stop straight after a scan showed a healthly baby.
So basically as long as you arnt bleeding heavy (with clots) and bad cramps i would say there is a good chance that you are still pregnant!
I really hope that you are ok and whatever the outcome you end up with a healthy baby bump soon xx

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