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Starting in my estimated 6th week of pregnancy, I had brown spotting. I called my doctor who said to wait and see what happens, if it worsened or I had cramping to call back. During the next week I started bleeding more and called back, this time, I went in to see the doctor. My cervix was closed, I was having moderate bleeding and the vaginal ultrasound showed what she thought was a gestational sac but she was unable to tell if there was anything in it. I had my first set of hcg levels tested yesterday and am going back tomorrow for the second to see if they have doubled. She said there is a 50/50 chance of this being a miscarriage. Has anyone had a similar experience, if so, what was your outcome? At this point, I would think I have almost no chance of a normal pregnancy, I am very surprised my doctor gave any hope!

Also, if your cervix is closed, where is the bleeding coming from?
It's always good to have hope. And at least your Dr is giving your baby every chance and not jumping to conclusions. Bleeding can be common during early pregnancy. Brown blood spotting is not as bad as bright red. Blood can seep out of your cervix when it's closed. If it was open, that would be a bad sign, probably that you were actually having the contractions to have the miscarriage.

My suggestion would be to be prepared for the worst, but be hopeful and positive. :)
I had the same thing with all 3 of my pregnancies (I had other mc's) and all was fine. My dates were off since I had erratic periods. Also, as far as the hcg numbers, they always say that they need to double every other day, but I was the exception that proved the rule. My numbers with my 2nd didn't double, but were going up. I'll send positive thoughts and sticky vibes your way.

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