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First just let me say that I'm very sorry that you are going through this right now. I have miscarried twice within the past year, so I know how devastating it can be. I think your doctor should have said something if your pregnancy was at risk. Maybe they thought they were doing the right thing by not causing you to stress too much, but I think I would rather know if I was an at risk pregnancy. With my 1st miscarriage the pregnancy stopped developing at 4 weeks. They didn't know that until I went for an ultrasound at 7 weeks when I had some light bleeding. They were going to schedule me for a d&c, but I started to miscarry the very next day, so I didn't need the surgery. In your case you don't know how long it could take, so I think you made the right decision to go ahead with the surgery. I would want to get it over with asap, so I could start the healing process. I don't know if this is your 1st pregnancy or not. You will probably have to wait a month or 2 to start trying again (to give your body a chance to heal) A lot of people miscarry once and go on to have healthy pregancies. I unfortunately had a second miscarriage about 3 months after my 1st, I was only 5 weeks pregnant & again miscarried naturally. When I became pregnant again 2 months later they put me on progesterone supplements during the 1st trimester. I am now 25 weeks pregnant, and praying every day that I make it to 40 weeks. I hope that you have some support during this time, all I can say is it does get better with time, but it can take a lot of time & other people may not be so understanding, especially if they've never gone through it. I will say a prayer for you & wish you the best of luck with future pregnancies.

~Rachael :)

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