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Hi everyone

I posted a thread on here the other day discussing how my baby had stopped developing after 6 weeks. On monday i called the hospital to have myself booked in for a D&C on tuesday at 12pm.

On Monday night i was feeling fine in myself, no pain or bleeding, i stood up to use the toilet and i started to misscarry. I rushed down to the toilet where i sat for 45 minuets passing very large clots and lots of blood. My fiance' called my mum to come over and also called a doctor as we were worried at the rate i was bleeding... something didn't feel 'right'. The doctor assured me this was normal and to wait another 30-60 minuets and if i was still bleeding to call back. So i sat there scared and passing more and more, it was like a running tap, i couldn't move or even clean myself up as everytime i did, it flowed even more. After a further 10 minuets i began to sweat uncontrollably and began panting very fast i couldn't controll any of this, i became very light headed and started to sway from left to right. I forced myself to stand up and wrapped a towel undreneath me.. i fell into the hallway and on the stairs my mum was sat with me whilst i was struggling to stay awake, she started to scream for my fiance' to call an ambulance. I knew that if i didnt make it to the living room and lie down i was going to pass out, so my mum and step dad helped me onto the sofa and put a fan on me.. i was still very faint but felt better led down. The ambulance arrived and my blood pressure was really low and when they felt for my pulse there was hardly one there.

I was rushed to hospital where i was lucky to only be put on a fluid drip, 1 minuet longer and i would have needed a blood transfusion. I was there for a while, had lots of tests and then was transfered to another hospital. When i arrived i was cleaned up and 5 minuets later i was all messed again. I had to have an examination (like a smear) as she thought everything had passed, but when i was opened up, i covered the whole bed in blood and clots. Again i was cleaned up and left for the evening. Around 4am i began having contraction like pains and couldn't settle, i called the nurse and begged her for painkillers, she said i couldn't have much as i had already been administered some heavy painkillers, so i was given paracetamol. This didn't even touch the pain so i was awake all night sweating and having these pains, the eventually dulled down at around 8am.

At 9am i was sent for a scan and more blood tests. If the scan showed up that everything had been passed it looked good that i could come home. I waited until 5pm for my results!!! When they came in they said that there was one more clot left, and was so small i could pass that on my own, there was still some bleeding but it had subsided. I was alowed to go home as they felt i would be ok... and they needed my bed for another patient!!!!!

So i was sent home still not feeling to good, with a course of iron tablets and strong pain killers.

Today it is the following afternoon and im feeling much the same, very groggy and some bleeding.

It was the most horrific experiance i have ever been through in my life, i wanted a D&C simply because i was worried if i misscarried at home i wouldnt be able to clear it all out properly.

In futre if me and my fiance' are unfortunate to have to make this choice again neither of us will hessitate to swiftly ask for a D&C.

Im sorry for ranting on about this, but i wanted to know if anyone else has had such a horrific experiance with a home misscarrage?

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