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Ok, so I first must start with how this all happened. I was a day late with my period, so I tested, came back positive. Over the course of the next 3 days I had taken 3 more tests, all positive. So I made an appointment with my OB the next week. When I went to his office(which was yesterday), they did the urine test as a formality, and it came back negative. They said they would do a blood draw as they are more accurate. I was in shock so on the way home, we stopped at the store and bought a digital test(thinking maybe I don't know how to read a regular test). That test came back positive, mind you this is maybe only an hour after I did the test at the doctor's office.

So today, I wake up and I am having horrible cramping pain, back ache and now bleeding. I am assuming that means miscarriage. So here is what I think happened, please give me some feedback or other ideas as I just don't quite get it. I think I honestly was pregnant, implanted and all, but the baby wasn't growing(causing the hormone levels not to increase). The home tests are more sensitive than the doctor office tests and thats why I didn't show positive there. And my body has now decided to miscarry. Also, I would be about 6 weeks, should my body be able to extract it all itself, or should I consult with the doctor as more steps may be needed?

I'm sorry it is so long, I am just so confused by this all and trying to research the net only seems possible if I had a PHD!

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