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I was 5 weeks pregnant last Wednesday and had a gush of blood with no warning just rush out.
Then it stopped for 1.5 days and then I spotted a bit y'day and again no blood.
I know I am miscarrying because of a heavy pressue in the lower abdomen and back ache and I am tired of staying bedrest as per the doctors advise.
My doctor is not even willing to see me for another 3 weeks..

I cannot afford bedrest and I really need someone to either tell me why there's spotting and the prognosis for the pregnancy OR hasten the process of miscarriage.
I have a job and a toddler to take care of ..
any advise is very welcome..
If I were you, I would seek advice from a different doctor. I had a friend who suffered through two miscarriages and around the time she could tell the third miscarriage was happening, she felt the same lack of urgency from her Dr. and switched clinics. She's with a specialist now, someone who cares and appreciates her concern.

You're going to make it through this. It is terrible as it is happening but time will make it easier. I've been there.

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Best of luck.

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