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Hi all, I was just wondering about people's experiences with ovulation after D&C. I got pregnant at the end of March 2009, and found out at my first prenatal appointment in May that there was no heartbeat. I had a D&C on May 14. My doctor told me to wait one cycle before trying to get pregnant again. I tracked my BBT for about half of the cycle after the m/c, and then was taken by surprise by my period on July 7. My temperatures had not shown ovulation so I had no idea my period was about to start. However, in retrospect, the length of this cycle (from D&C until the period began) was about the same as my normal cycle length.

Fast forward to now....I have very long cycles in general (around 51-52 days) and I am just about to the point in my cycle where I would ovulate. However, all OPKs have been negative, my temps haven't shifted - and I'm worried that I might not be ovulating.

I'm having a hard time finding info about this exact situation - where I already had a period after D&C but suspect that it occurred without ovulation - has anyone else experienced this? It's extremely frustrating, to say the least.

Thanks! For the record, I will make an appointment with my doctor if I have another period without seeming to ovulate. But I obviously haven't reached that point yet.
How did this month go? Did you ever ovulate? I had a miscarriage in March and my period came at the expected time, but I stopped tracking ovulation with OPKs, as I was getting tired of it and my cycles have been regular. We still haven't gotten PG again, so I'm going to see a specialist on Monday.

I can imagine how frustrating it is to figure out your ovulation when your cycles are so long. I know after full term pregnancies some women need a shot to stimulate ovulation again, but I don't know about after miscarriage.

Good luck!
I'm curious if you have ovulated yet also. I am on my 2nd cycle since my D & C due to miscarriage. I have been using the CBE Fertility Monitor and taking my BBT. The CBE fertility monitor showed "high" fertility, but never peak. My temps have not shown a major increase, which would lead me to believe I ovulated.

I had my D & C on Aug. 31, I have had 2 very normal (and at regular time) periods, but no signs of ovulation. I even chart my CF and there has been little to none, again, no sign of ovulation. Yes, any advice would help!


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