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My girlfriend is currently pregnant. She has miscarried before. She is now 8 weeks pregnant and experienced cramps in her stomach a few days ago and it lasted most of the day. Late that night she bled quite bright red blood, with clots, one grape sized, like bits of liver and pinkish discharge (sounds horrible but bit of a smell as well). Not a huge amount but more than just small drops, quarter cup maybe. She has had sore thighs and twinges inside vagina. Dark stools. She went to hospital where the baby was still found to have a heartbeat. They gave her an injection of some sort and sent her home for bed rest and said she was high risk of losing baby. The cervix was slightly open but I think they are waiting to see if it closes again. She has been passing urine a lot today. Can baby still have a heartbeat even after a miscarry? Has anyone any idea as to why the symptoms of a miscarriage yet it doesnt seem to have been this? or has it? or are these very likely to be the signs the start of a miscarriage over the next few days?
She is very very tired and sleeping a lot and urine is very frequent and dark in colour.

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