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I have miscarried twice in the past year and a half, so I understand the pain you're going through. Both of my miscarriages were earlier in the pregnancy (8 weeks & 5 weeks), but I was still devasted. These were my 1st 2 pregnancies, I dont have any other kids. I'm sure it must be even harder at 17 weeks, especially since you heard the heartbeat & were in your second trimester. I don't know if this was your 1st miscarriage or not, if you've had more than 1 then your doctor may be able to do some tests to see if there is a reason for it. I know that I had a very hard time dealing with both miscarriages, especially when my sister got pregnant shortly after my 1st, then a friend, and then a cousin. None of them had any complications (of course I'm happy for them) but it made it harder for me when I lost 2 in a row. No one undertands what it feels like unless they've experienced it too. I did get pregnant again shortly after my 2nd miscarriage, and the doctor put me on progesterone supplements. I am now 38 weeks pregnant & doing well. Getting pregnant again helped me get over the other losses, but it was still difficult for me. Family support always helps & you should talk to your doctor to see if they will do any tests. Agian I'm really sorry for your loss, and I hope you're feeling better soon. ;)

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