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This month I thought that I could have been pregnant. Before I could take a test I had intense cramping, to the point that I couldn't stand, and then bleeding to the point that I was getting light headed. I would have only been three weeks along and so this would of still been a little early for my period, and it was dark blood with clots in it. The heavy bleeding stopped after about a day and a half and then I spotted for a few more days, but the cramps didn't stop and I have had intense cramps now for over a week. I have also been really emotional since then. I was told that if I was still cramping something was wrong and I needed to go to the emergency room, after being in the ER for four hours and not even being examined by the doctor they told me to go home and come back if I was still in pain in four days.
Does this sound like a miscarriage?
What should my next step be?
Thank you!

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