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Wondering if any1 has gone through this before. Input thoughts or advice very appreciated. I'm 22 years old this is my first pregnancy it was a suprise but now there's nothing I want more than this baby. Everything has been great so far besides the morning sickness every now and then. 5 days ago Saturday night after a great day I stood up n felt like I was peeing myself went to the bathroom and filled the toilet with blood. By the time I got to the hospital my shorts were soaked. I bled all over the floor in the hospital there were big clots in and around the toilet. They took a sonogram n the baby was fine they sent me home n told me bestrest til Monday. The next night I started having lower abd n back pain I returned to the hospital still bleeding lightly they told me I was ok and sent me home again! I went to my ob on Monday they checked the babies heartbeat and said everything was ok and sent me home again! The paain has gradually gotten worse it hurts to lay walk sit anything it goes for a few minutes and comes back. I called my ob this morning n the told me to come in later that day but walking back into the office I felt blood running down again like the first time no clots this time but lots of blood. I went in immediatly they asked for urine which ended up being a cup of blood they took a sono my fluid was fine the baby was moving his heartbeat was normal my cervix was fully closed they sent me home yet again on pelvic rest for a few days. I don't knoww what's going on and I don't want to lose my little boogie :( any1 go through anything similar?

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