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[QUOTE=nsalvatici;4161774]Hi, Please go to the doctor and get checked out if you haven't already. I had a miscarriage last summer and was about 6 weeks pregnant and it was basically like the worst cramps and bleeding ever. Now, when starting the pill years ago, I had similar symptoms with breakthrough bleeding but never that extreme. After that happened, and I'm not on the pill, when I would ovulate, I would pass something similar to what you said where I was scared wondering what the hell just came out of me. If you can, just go get checked. You know that when something coming out of you is green in anyway, it is usually an infection. Are you or were you running a fever? How are you feeling now?[/QUOTE]
I don't actually have a thermometer so I have no idea about the fever! But I feel fine. I haven't had cramps for a few hours, no backache, no nausea or vomiting. I still have my "period" though.

Just to clear things up, the "green" wasn't a neon green or anything. It was more of a mucus-ey color, like a faded green. But still green nonetheless. I had noticed little bloody, booger-like things coming out of me weeks ago but I have no idea what they were.

Also, I can't exactly get to the doctors anytime soon...I have a doctors appt on the 24th of January. I have never been to the gynocologist but I should be going to my first appointment very soon...

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