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Jan 20, 2010
Hi there, I had 2 miscarriage in the last 5 months. The first one I was 3 months to the day and thought great everything is going well. it was a friday night and i started brown bleeding. thought nothing of it so went to bed. Had a great night.. next morning got up and same thing. Rang nurse and told me to go straight into hosp. nearly fainted on the way. Got there and was looked at and then told me they couldnt find a heart beat. I think my world fell apart then at that stage. My partner was the same. I was told to go home and it will probably happen naturally. Sorry but whats so natural about this.. I went home in a lot of pain. Sunday it happened I hemoraged and was told if that happened to come back. Was kept in for few days. they told me I did it on my own and i wouldnt have to go to theatre. Spent few days in hosp and sent home to get over it..this happened in July, got pregnant again in Oct but it started happening again. this time I went straight back in immediatly didnt wait on any doctor. had scan couldnt find heart beat. they thought my dates were wrong so I was to come back in two weeks. those two weeks I can tell you were very tough. went back and was told baby has not grown. I didnt feel anything. Had D & C felt nothing bit of pain, but didnt feel angry, sad or shocked. Is there something wrong with me... i feel it now. its been 7 wks now and i think i might be having a break down. My partner knows nothing bout this as he thinks we should put it behind us and move on, dont know where to go or what to do. i got my period today and thats making me more depressed.....

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