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May 9, 2010
Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share my story and ask a few questions.
My husband and I got pregnant unexpectedly in February, we didn't find out till March. We were so overjoyed. I had a lot of cramping the first few weeks, like I was going to get my period, then a back ache like I had a kidney infection. I went to my doctor and they said I was fine.
I postponed having an ultra sound because I wanted to wait till I had my midwife and was settled into our new apartment.
We were about 9 or 10 weeks when we moved in. To our knowledge things were going well, and we were going to see our midwife in the middle of week 10 closer to week 11. While we were there we talked about the baby and trying to hear a heart beat, we were unsuccessful which came to no surprise at the time, it was too early.
In the next week, I had spotted lightly and had some cramping. I called my midwife who told me that it was normal, and that if things got heavier or more painful to call her.
For the third time that week, I was spotting and I got really worried, we were just getting into the 12th week. They put my in for a quick ultra sound to make sure everything was ok.
The only thing to describe this appointment is horrible. The ultrasound tech was mean, moody and rude. When it came time to see the baby, she outright told me that 'there is nothing to see'. I was horrified.
I went home, and my husband and I spent the next few hours trying to wait patiently for our midwife to call.
The results were that the baby had died between 8 and 10 weeks, there was no heart beat and the ultrasound tech called it a fluid filled sac. They also mentioned there was another 'growth' in there that needed to be looked at by a OBGYN.
It has been almost 3 days and the bleeding has picked up a bit, not too heavy, like a light period with some light cramping.
I am really scared, I don't want to go through this. I don't think anybody does. I was opting to have the D&C so they can remove the 'growth' as well.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is is always as painful as everyone describes it?
I really don't want to wait for a D&C but people are saying that I will have to wait.

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