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How Long did you bleed after you had your miscarriage-D&C if you don't mind me asking. I am going on a week and a half and was wondering when it would stop? I'm worried that i won't stop bleeding from the miscarriage and than once i get my period i will have no idea because i had been bleeding the whole time? Is this possible? I can't wait to have my first normal cycle, my fiance and I want to start trying right away. The doctor told me to wait three months but didn't really tell me why, I than talked to a close relative in the family who is a Gynecologist and she told me they just tell you that so you have a couple regualr periods so when you do get pregnant you can tell them the first day of your last period and than they will be able to figure out your due date. But if you try to quickly without having a few good periods than it will be hard for them to tell you your due date.

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