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How Long did you bleed after you had your miscarriage-D&C if you don't mind me asking. I am going on a week and a half and was wondering when it would stop? I'm worried that i won't stop bleeding from the miscarriage and than once i get my period i will have no idea because i had been bleeding the whole time? Is this possible? I can't wait to have my first normal cycle, my fiance and I want to start trying right away. The doctor told me to wait three months but didn't really tell me why, I than talked to a close relative in the family who is a Gynecologist and she told me they just tell you that so you have a couple regualr periods so when you do get pregnant you can tell them the first day of your last period and than they will be able to figure out your due date. But if you try to quickly without having a few good periods than it will be hard for them to tell you your due date.
The doc told me that if it is the first time it happens then generally it is the body knowing that the DNA didn't connect properly and it is your body's way of shutting things down. Hang in there, most likely that was the case and you'll be able to start trying again real soon. I pray that is the case for you. I have a friend that lost her baby at 7 mos. pregnant and she actually had to carry her to term and deliver it! It emotionally wrecked her as you could immagine. I was actually only 8 wks. and 2 days pregnant. I got really big right away though, I looked like I carrying twins or further along! The nurse thought I looked four or five months pregnant. She is considered high risk and she has had two perfectly healthy pregnancies after that so there is hope.

I am doing alot better now, of course when I can feel my uterus inside of me I think about it more! I keep reliving the doctors office when I was there with my fiance and my daughter to have the happy experience of seeing our baby on the monitor. Unfortunately that is when we found out there was no heartbeat. I am optomistic that I will get pregnant during the two most fertile months, I hope! The doc said that from the first day you get your period count 13 days and have sex, then again on the 15th, or he said the 14th and the 16th. I am holding out hope and trying not to stress because that does affect things too in both getting pregnant and recovering from the D&C.

Another thing, keep taking your prenatal vitamins even before you get pregnant again. prenatals make me sick so I use a womans multi vitamin and folic acid. I am going to continue until I get pregnant again, that will help keep you healthy and alot of those vitamins prevent birth defects. I know I am being anal, but I am no spring chicken anymore so I've gotta think of everything.

Sorry, I keep rattling on...I keep on thinking of new things haha. Anyways, another thing that helped me with getting pregnant, I bought an ovulation kit, that has little stips you set into your urine the strip puts two stipes on when you are ovulating. The very first month I bought that I got pregnant.

I tried to send this through private, but it was to long.

Take care.

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