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i had been on the birth control pill for 2 months without a brake in between as i went abroad with my boyfriend and didnt want to be on my period while i was away. i finished the second pack of pills, missing just one pill out of the whole 2months, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend but didnt think nothing of it as the pill was meant to stop pregnancy. so when i stopped the pill a couple of days after i was having really bad pains in my abdominal that felt like i was going to start my menstrual cycle i then went to the toilet and i had bleed but only slightly so i put a sanitary towell on, when i stood up off of the toilet i felt like something gushing out like i'd just bleed really heavily when i went to the toilet next there was this lump of tissue like fleshy piece about the size of a 50 pence coin and it had like a red bloody dot inside, i felt it and i just flushed it down the toilet. its been 2 days since this happened and im still having stomach pains. Also before this happened i was having what seemed like pregnancy symptoms even though i was on the birth control pill. I was frequently urinating, getting nausea, nipples became more sensitive and breasts enlarged, gained weight when i usually stay the same weight. if this was a miscarriage i would of only been 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. could this have been a miscarriage or could it be anything else. I never did a pregnancy test before this occured so i'm not sure if i was ever even pregnant and i'm too scared to tell a doctor or somebody close to me about this. if anyone else is going through this and knows what it actually is, please share it with me...
Please someone help and get back to me asap!

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