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hi there,
im in a very badway, 3 weeks ago during my 16 week antenatal visit i was given the devestating news that my baby had no heartbeat. as i was alone at the appointment my husband was called by the nurse and told what had happened. we were told that i was to be given a tablet to bring on a misscarriage and brought into hospital to have my baby 2 days later.

The labour was bad but not as bad as i had expected it was more emotionally difficult than painfull. after i had delivered my baby boy the nurse brought him to us and we called him max the following day we had a naming ceremony and he ws burried 4 days later. i thought by now i would be getting through it and coping but im not i try to be strong in front of my husband and 4 kids but when im alone im a wreck . i have started to have panic attacks and was very close to self harming just to have soom release from the pain im feeling inside somebody please help me i feel like im falling deeper into despair
Emma, I am TERRIBLY sorry for your devastating loss.
You need to talk to a professional about it. Smothering the emotions and then wanting to harm yourself is no way to cope. You deserve so much better!!
For yourself and your family, PLEASE get help.

God bless you, Sue

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