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My story
Jun 15, 2001
My story
My story begins on July 4th of 2000. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy I named Thomas. He is such a delight and my 8 and 6 year old love him to pieces. When Thomas was 8 months old I found myself pregnant again. It was not planned but I was thrilled because then Thomas would have a playmate as my older children had eachother.
Now, because my OB that saw me through my pregnancy with Thomas was not on my insurance plan I decided to change groups because it would be a lot cheaper in the long run. So I did some research and was referred to this certain group which was quite close to where I live. I went in for my blood tests and for the routine stuff they do when you first know you are pregnant. Everything was fine and I was happy. When I hit about 7 weeks I became nauseated which I expected and called in for some medication that I knew I could take from my other pregnancies. Well, the nausea didn't get any better, in fact it got worse and I was very sick for a week and finally called to tell them and I went in to the Emergancy Room. The Dr. on call there did some tests and discovered I had gall stones. I was so relieved because he said he had done many surgeries on pregnant women and for me not to worry. When I got into a room I was met by one of the OB's from my group. She informed me that I would not be having surgery because I was too early in my pregnancy. That was very disapointing. I started to feel better after having the IV in for 24 hours and I was eating a little. I went home and was very weak and again I could not eat. I ate a little but not enough. Everything made me sick to my stomach. I went to the Dr. and expressed my concern for the fact that I could not eat and was too sick and weak and could not take care of my kids this way. The Dr. told me that he couldn't do anything for me and that I had better get a handle on it or I was going to end up back in the hospital. So I left feeling like I was just being paranoid. I had already lost about 6 pounds at that point. I went back in for my regular check up at the end of April and had lost a total of 9 pounds. My husband was with me this time and he even told the Dr. there was no way I was going to be able to gain weight. Againt the Dr. just shrugged his shoulders and said he couldn't do anything but I should come in two weeks later and if I'd lost more weight he would see about calling a surgeon. before two weeks was up I had swelling in my upper abdomen that I knew was not normal and went in to talk to him about it. He told me that it was hormones and my colon was all scrunched up in there and that I would be feeling better as soon as the hormones leveled out. Again I left feeling really stupid. My husband was furious. He had watched me not be able to eat for 10 days when he was home. My husband is a towboat captain and is gone for 20 days at a time and home for 10. He was very worried when he left me because he knew I was in bad shape and made me promise to go see the Dr. I had a feeling that the Dr. would not help me. I was right.

So I went home and tried to eat and drink to keep myself nourished but did not realize that I was not doing a good enough job. I needed help and the they just would not help. me. I should have been put back in the hospital when they found that I had lost 9 pounds.
By May 14th I was in such pitiful shape that I tried one more time to call and tell them I was very sick and dehydrated again. I got the run around from the girl that called me back and ended up arguing with her about who I should be calling. She told me I shouldn't be calling them for gall stone problems. I told her that when you are pregnant your OB is your family Dr. She disagreed with me but finally agreed to talk to the Dr. She didn't call back and by 2 hours later I gave up on her and took myself to the hospital. I was there all week and every OB that came in to see me acted as if gall stones were no big deal I should have been able to deal with it. By the end of the week they could not detect a heart beat. My baby had died right there in the hospital while the OB's did nothing to help me. I would like for my baby's death not to be in vain. I know I can't be the only woman who has lost a precious life due to this type of thing. If anyone reading this has had a similar thing happen I would love to hear from you. I wish I had taken someone with me those time when my husband couldn't go so that I would have support in telling the Dr. I needed help. It's too easy for them to blow us off because we are pregnant.

My next step is to find out if I have a strong case against the group for what they put me through and now I'm dealing with depression and my own guilt for not pushing the issue harder.

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