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Re: Methotrexate
Jul 17, 2002
So sorry about what you have been through. That's a lot. How do you feel about not having children? I often wonder how my husband and I will handle it if having a baby is not in our future. I never had that "maternal" urge until I found out I was pregnant. Now I think about it all the time.

As far as my pregnancy, I had bleeding, pain on one side, a faint level on the ultrasound of a tubal and beta levels (I think they are also called HCG levels) that were too low to be a viable pregnancy. My doctor held out though to see if the beta levels would go up, but they did not. I know my body very well and I knew the first day I had bleeding that something was wrong. Everything seemed to change from a pregnancy feeling, to an abnormal feeling. The best of luck to you. Thanks for your responses!!!

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