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I had a miscarriage
Oct 29, 2002
I dont know if it was stress, or something else, but I miscarried the baby this weekend. Had to get a D & C and now its all over. Maybe some part of me knew this was going to happen, and that is why I could not accept the fact that I was pregnant again. Maybe it was too soon after my last pregnancy. Whatever the reason, I cant help but be relieved. Hubby and I are doing well. Ive been extremely blunt and vocal about what has been going on, I guess communication is my way of working hard to save this. It has helped tremendously. Me talking led to him talking, and we feel much better. We had one more fight though. I gave his son my daughter's old furniture: a nice twin bed and a table and chairs. My daughter had outgrown the table, and she inherited my old day bed. His son damaged the bed pretty badly. He broke all 3 drawers on it beyond repair. He does things like this and is still learning not to be destructive (he is 5-and discipline is a new thing to him not to mention the fact that he is very very developmentally behind). I was upset, and hubby got mad and said I cant be sure his son broke the bed. Nice response. I was going to pass that bed down to the new baby in a couple of years. I sat hubby down and told him that I was informing him that the bed was broken not to attack him or his son, but to give him the info so that he can use this to teach the kid how to not obliterate everything he touches. finally, he apologized for his inappropriate response. Then we had a heart to heart, and so far things are much improved. We have alot of obstacles. We had a baby right after we got married, we both have children from previous relationships, his ex wife hates him and threatens him all the time, we come from totally different backgrounds (my family is from Ohio,Columbus-big city, very upper middle class, his family lives in small town Kentucky-very very country with little money dad doesnt even have his high school diploma). My family likes hubby and has embraced him while his family doesnt like the fact that Im not from here and has little contact with us. I guess I could go on and on. But I wont, so dont worry. lol. With that said, we are slowly working it all out. Cross you fingers for us.

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