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Re: Blighted Ovum?
Mar 21, 2001
I had same thing - only i was very early -only in 6th week. had bright red bleeding. dr sent me in for transvaginal ultrasound...showed no heartbeat, "empty sac". no more blood for about a week. had 2nd ultrasound, showed same as 1st one, except was measuring 7wks. scheduled d&c for 2 days later. two weeks later, pathology rpt from d&C came back - showed a partial hydaditiform mole in the placenta. (cystic cells - look like clear fluid filled grapes). dr. said i'd have to have weekly pregnancy test to monitor beta-HCG levels - if they were going down as they should be after miscarrying.... first week they went up 20,000 pts. 2nd wk they went up another 22,000 pts. HCG levels were way to high for non-pregnant condition. dr. said if HCG kept going up (cystic cells were proliferating (re-growing) it could mean cancer. had CT-scan of lungs/liver/kidneys/brain to see if it was spreading outside my uterus. scans showed just intro-uterine. had appt w/oncologist scheduled, he recommended having 2nd D&C done w/ultrasound present...
cystic cells were very visible this time... dr. did very invasive D&C, however, was confident she'd removed all particles. HCG on morning of 2nd D&C was 147,000. 3 days later, HCG had dropped to 8,500. Dr. thought we were on the right track now. Continued going weekly for HCG test... continued to drop dramatically. 3 months later, I have now gotten a negative result - HCG is down to 2. I have to go once a month for a year for HCG (pregnancy) test to make sure nothing "re-grows". Have to avoid pregnancy for one year.... this hydaditiform mole occurs 1 in 2000 pregnancies in the U.S...2nd chance of occurence is like 3-5 in 750 pregnancies. I have a wonderful healthy 2yr old daughter - started into preterm labor at 28wks w/her, but with bedrest and rx's, delivered her at 38 wks - 8lb-11oz baby. Best of luck to you and i'll keep you in my prayers. Luckily for me, my body did not miscarry on it's own...if it weren't for my D&C being sent to pathologist, we would have been dealing with this all over again when i became pregnant again. not sure if you miscarried on your own or if you had d&C done. it could be happening to you too. not to scare you, but scans will detect the presence of these grape-like cysts.

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