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The ultrasound showed that there was NO fetus, only the sac. I don't understand how this can happen! I thought that there had to be a fetus to be pregnant.It just doesn't make sense to me, my HGC level was rising. My doctor said that it is common and that there is no reason why I can't have a baby but I'm so scared that somethings wrong with me or my husband.I can't believe that I was walking around for three weeks feeling pregnant when the fetus never developed.I feel so empty. I don't think I will get over this. My doctor said that we can try again in 3 months but I'm scared that it will happen again.....
I am so sorry to hear that. I had a miscarrige in November at 9 weeks. One night i just woke up in the most pain i had ever felt. My boyfriend and I had sex a couple hours before so I figured thats what is was. I went to the bathroom a blood just started coming out. I only saw a small blood clot and I was bleeding all that bad. So I went to the hospital they took an ultrasound I saw the heartbeat so they said everything was fine. I continued to bleed for weeks they took blood and it showed my hcg was going up which I thought was good but couldnt figure out why I was still bleeding. Come to find out the sac and baby was deteariating (cant spell sorry) and I had lost the baby. So the doctors told me the same thing that my hcg was going up. The reason for my miscarrige was because I have RH negative blood and didnt know it. I am so sorry and If you need anyone to talk to feel free to e mail me.
MissKitty, I am so sorry to hear this. A miscarriage is a most painful thing to bear. I dont know if your doctor told you, but what you had was a blighted ovum, which means there never was a baby because something was not right with the fertilized egg. It is somewhat common and thankfull not due to any problem with either parent. Take time for you and your husband to grieve your loss, and know that, even though it will always be with you and so will the fear, that when the time is right for you again, you will have a healthy pregnancy. Dont rush it, tho. My heart and prayers are with you.
First off, let me say how sorry I am that it didn't work out. Knowing that there was never an embryo must make it easier to bear, but at the same time the loss you feel is very real. You thought you were pregnant, and so you must feel shattered. I had a non viable pregnancy last year. Actually the fetus died around 9 weeks and my body never wanted to miscarry. I found out at what would have been around 12 weeks that the fetus was dead. Anyway, don't worry about trying again. I am pregnant now 7 months along. As for the reason your body registered rising hcg levels is because hcg is produced by the placenta, not the embryo. Don't worry that there is something wrong with you or your husband. Just focus on staying healthy and trying again when the time is right. I am sorry for your loss, even if it was never there in the first place. Good luck to you and your husband.

Molly H.
I read your posts and was very sorry to read that you had a miscarriage. There is really nothing I can say because nothing could possibly make you feel better. I just wanted to say how sorry I feel for you. But hopefully when you feel you are ready you can try again.
i'm so sorry for your loss, and can understand your pain and fear. both my brother and his wife and good friends of ours found out at the 2nd u/s that their fetus was dead. i remember how devastated we were. both couples got pregnant a few month later and now have kids. hope this helps.
Thanks everyone for replying. I'm coping the best way I can right now. I know that I'm grieving and it will take time to heal.I'm just so devastated and I feel as if my body betrayed me.Misscarriages are common, I know that but I never thought it would happen to ME. One of my best friends is pregnant, we were both around 10 weeks and it is so difficult to see her, maybe I am just being mean. I can't stand to even look at a pregnant just hurts so bad. I'm trying to think positive but I fear that it will happen again.
I'm sorry to hear that. I know anectdotes don't mean much, but if it helps my friend had a miscarriage and just a few months later conceived again and now has the most beautiful baby boy, with no problems in her pregnancy at all. All the best to you.
I'm sorry to hear about your miscarraige. I have had two and I know the pain and disappointment you may be feeling. Know that it will be alright and you will soon be blessed with a baby.
i am so very sorry this had happened . i replied to your other post about the bleeding. I know exactly how you feel about your friend being pregnant also.
When i started bleeding during my miscarriage i was at my sisters baby shower which i had planned and my sister-in-law was also pregnant and due the same week i was supposed to be due . it was aweful seeing them and talking to them especially my sister-in-law since she was due the same time.
all i can say is take your time grieve do things with your husband and remember he is in this with you feeling the same feelings of loss, so many people forget that and it is so important because you are there together going through it and can help eachother.
if you need to talk just post a message i will be around
again i am so sorry this happened but remember you can try again don't be afraid to do that!!
Hi Misskitty,

I have misscarried as well and I know its very hard. But remember you can try again hon. You will feel better if you supported your friend hon. Both of you have something special share it. I found out after my misscarriage I could NOT have children as I am very high risk due to seizures and not being able to come off my meds... So hold in your heart that you can have another chance and hold in your heart that your friend is specialand if it were reverse she probably would feel bad but would be excited for you good luck hon and god bless

i am so sorry honey i really am, i know how you feel, i had a M/C last xmas day, i was about 10 weeks but 4 weeks earlier i was told the fetus wasnt growing and it stayed the same size as 6 week old fetus, but it handnt died they got a heart beat but a faint one and said they wanted to abort it, i said no but nature took it. To my surprise i was called to see the doctor last monday and they told me they found out why this happend, i had a triopsy (spelling may be wrong) it meant i had a third cromozone (you get what i mean my spelling is bad i know). The baby would have been deformed mentally and thats why my body rejected it.

I looked up everything when i knew there was a problem and the doctor did say before i had a internal that i could have a empty sack but i can assure you that my problem and yours does not mean you cant have perfect and normal pregnancy next time, i was told i can start trying again but i now feel its to soon, a few months ago i wanted to try as soon as i was able but now i think i will wait a bit longer for my body to get back to normal...dont worry honey, good luck next time but its not that abnormal to have a empty sack, as soon as you have a M/C of some sort you will find loads of other women have had the same problem and they have been able to have a normal baby after...
First of all, let me say I am very sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. This may help or it may make you feel worse(But hopefully not!!) A friend of mine had a miscarriage in December. She was absolutely crushed. She was very upset when she found out she was pregnant and she was just starting to get happy about it when she miscarried. The doctor told her that when you're body miscarries a child, it usually means that the fetus was unhealthy to begin with, and would have had some type of problems had you been able to carry it to term. I think that helpled her cope, knowing that even though she had lost a child, she also wasn't going to bring a child into the world with severe disablilties.
I can understand how everyone is feeling. Alot of those feelings are coming back to me as I read these messages. I misscarried twice myself. Once in '99 and the other '00. They were both the worse days of my life. I was 10 weeks both times. I needed an abortion for both since the baby had no heartbeat but never fully released. My first abortion the fetus wasn't analyzed since they said it was a "normal thing". The second pregnancy the fetus was analyzed. I was told it was a chromosome disorder. If the baby was to be born something would have been wrong. A few months later I was bless with my son who is now a year and a half. My pregancy with him was scarry. I kept thinking I was going to lose him but thank god everything went very well. I don't think of that part of my life as much after I had my son. It was a terrible thing but eventually with time, everything heals. Just think positive and things will fall in place. I hope that helps.

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