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i am so sorry honey i really am, i know how you feel, i had a M/C last xmas day, i was about 10 weeks but 4 weeks earlier i was told the fetus wasnt growing and it stayed the same size as 6 week old fetus, but it handnt died they got a heart beat but a faint one and said they wanted to abort it, i said no but nature took it. To my surprise i was called to see the doctor last monday and they told me they found out why this happend, i had a triopsy (spelling may be wrong) it meant i had a third cromozone (you get what i mean my spelling is bad i know). The baby would have been deformed mentally and thats why my body rejected it.

I looked up everything when i knew there was a problem and the doctor did say before i had a internal that i could have a empty sack but i can assure you that my problem and yours does not mean you cant have perfect and normal pregnancy next time, i was told i can start trying again but i now feel its to soon, a few months ago i wanted to try as soon as i was able but now i think i will wait a bit longer for my body to get back to normal...dont worry honey, good luck next time but its not that abnormal to have a empty sack, as soon as you have a M/C of some sort you will find loads of other women have had the same problem and they have been able to have a normal baby after...

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