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Re: Bad News :(
Mar 11, 2003
Thanks for all of the kind responses and well-wishes...they are very, very much appreciated.

I am/was at 8 weeks, but the doctor thought I lost it closer to my last ultrasound, which was 2 weeks ago, because of the size. It hadn't grown much after that.

I did have one sign that there may be something wrong - which was my breasts weren't as sore as they had been previous. They are still a bit tender to the touch, but now that I think of it - not as bad as they were.

I spoke with my wonderful husband and he and I have decided to possibly wait for another week to see if I pass naturally because according to the doctor - I might pass any day now. If not, I will take the pills. I'm a bit afraid of the D&C because of scar tissue. I hate to admit this and am extremely ashamed, especially at this point - but I had 2 abortions when I was very young and I don't want any more scar tissue build-up if I can help it.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted and thanks again and again for the unconditional support you ladies offer.

I wish all the pregnant women & ttc'rs happy and healthy pregnancies.

I'll be back in the ttc boat, as well as pregnant again with a healthy baby in no time.

Kris :)
Re: Bad News :(
Mar 11, 2003
kris, first of all im sooo sorry for your loss and you will feel better with time. I too was faced with these horrible 3 choices @9 weeks prego and opted for the natural process. After 7 days off work it wasnt comming out and i was resdy to have it out of me, i think it was starting to swell. I then opted for the pills. They are inserted vaginally and felt like i was fulling dialating on my bed at home. It was the worst 4 hours of pain. Sorry if you dont want to hear this but i wash i was better prepared. Even vicoden didnt relieve the phisical pain but i was glad to see it once it came out. (im not sure why, closure i guess)I too was scared of D &C but i didnt know about scar tissue? Im just a scaredy cat with hospital stuff. If you have questions for me, ill be happy to clear them up. Again Im so sorry for your loss!!!!

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