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Hi, Miss Becci. I've never been officially told I ever had a miscarriage, but I do think I had one very early in a pregnancy. I was definitely having all the pregnancy symptoms I had with my first child, then I had bleeding and a big clot came out. It was very early in the "pregnancy." I hadn't done a test yet, though. The next month I was having the same symptoms--did a test--and was confirmed pregnant. I had some bleeding later on in the pregnancy and the doc did a transvaginal ultrasound to check to see if a baby was still there. He was --and was delivered healthily later.

I know it's very hard to be patient because you are anxious to know. I have heard that the rate of early pregnancy miscarriage is relatively high--that is, a lot of women do lose a baby before they even have the pregnancy confirmed. I wasn't even allowed to get a check-up with an obstetrician for weeks, since they wanted to make sure that the baby was staying in.

At least you only have to wait a bit. I know it's tough. Let us know how you're doing.....Please take comfort, though, that if it happens to be another miscarriage, doctors can check to see if there is something that might be causing frequency and be able to correct it. Okay?

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