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I'm 19 and am on the pill. I have been on the pill since I was 14, with no issues. At 17, I decided that I wanted to try out the shot and very much disliked it. I switched back to the pill and everything has been great. Because of the pill, once in a while, my boyfriend and I would have sex without a condom. We didn't do it that much, just once in a while. The problem? I was diagnosed with an Ulcer and IBD - so I started to get sick almost all the time. It didn't occur to me that perhaps I was throwing my pill up...

Two weeks ago I had sex with my boyfriend without a condom. I started to feel sick. My boobs felt swollen, full, and painful. It got to the point where I could not wear a bra without discomfort. My back was the next part - in the lower back I started to feel dull pains. All the time. And then came the stomach. My abdomen started to hurt very badly. It felt almost like period cramps, but much worse. I had not missed a period yet, but I was starting to wonder if I was pregnant. Deciding to wait, I just dealt with the pain and the new fatigue.

A couple days ago there was this...weird sort of discharge. It was clear colour, didn't smell, and was almost...jelly like. I'm in college to be a biology major, so I could compare it almost to fatty tissue? It didn't break apart easily and was squishy. Panicking, I asked my boyfriend and he thought it was ovulation. I continued on with my day.

Yesterday I started bleeding. A lot. It started out brown - but very quickly turned a bright red. So I figured that I had my period and everything was going to be negative for a baby. It was a very, very heavy flow and now something I had experienced before...but periods change as one gets older, so I ignored it. Today, I woke up at two in the morning and went to the bathroom as usual. At seven...I was soaked with blood - but it was black blood. There was a little bit of brown, but otherwise it was black. Very dark black. There was another jelly like substance that I described earlier - except this time it was black from the blood, but there was a very white part of it.

I am still having a very, very heavy bleeding but I can manage it now. It's turning back to red. Was this a miscarriage? Was I actually pregnant to begin with?

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