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[QUOTE=kathy1229;4628777]If you have a miscarriage in your 16th week is a DNC peformed, do you deliver the baby or as someone told me they had to wait for the baby to pass. Also, is there a birth certificate or a death certificate. I was told by someone that they had to wait for the baby to pass and then had the baby cremated. Does anyone have any info on this situation. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Dear Kathy,
First of all, let me extend my sympathy if you are experiencing a loss.

It's usually the ob/GYN's descretion on how to resolve the miscarriage. These decisions may be based on the type of miscarriage (missed, incomplete, etc).

Birth certificates are issued by the state and rules differ between states. Many states will only issue birth certificates for the unborn who reach 20 weeks gestation.

If you are interested in burial/cremation, you may have to make your wishes known prior to the procedure. Some states have laws protecting the unborn and the mother must be asked what she would like done with the remains, but most states do not. Some hospitals will actually forbid burial/cremation if the unborn baby does not meet a certain age. Regardless, certainly fight for your right to do as you wish. You may need to contact a funeral director on your own to set up arrangements.

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