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I just need to know if this is normal or if anyone else has experienced this. For the past 4 years I have had visions and dreams of a little girl who would be around the same age as the baby I miscarried in Dec '05. She is very tentative and looks at me straight in the eys. I believe that she is a vision of my lost baby. Some tell me that this cannot be true because my baby had not even developed beyond 7 weeks before we lost it, and therefore I could not have known the sex or features, but why else would this child come to me. I have recently claimed her, and I have a need to name her. She looks like she could be our child, features and mannerism. Ok, sorry , I know this is strange, but it is wha it is.
I know that there are some who beleive that miscarriage does not count, but for those who have been through it, I am sure you know the feeling and connection, I believe that although I never got to meet and hold my child, my child still was created and still existed even if only for a few weeks.
I am just distraught and do not know what to think, perhaps it is because I never trully grieved my loss.

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