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Thank you for your input. I recently started to cramp lightly a few hours after I posted my message but also have been having gas. But a part of me is concerned because sometimes the cramps are more similar to the beginning of having a period. Still no spotting. Another concern is how long should I wait. It's a little more difficult right now due to my original doc out on Christmas vacation & the regular lab is closed for the holiday. My husband is in the military & my healthcare & hospital are through the military. Of course if I need ER care, the holiday isn't going to affect that, it's just my regular doc won't be available. I was told if spotting & cramping are light it's ok to wait it out if I want but to go to the ER if either cramping or bleeding gets severe. I worry about bleeding too much since I've heard some women have needed a blood transfusion if they bleed too much during the m/c. My mother is a nurse & told me I should go to the ER even if I'm just spotting so that concerns me but so far no spotting. The docs suspected the failed pregnancy on Tuesday but confirmed it on Wednesday. My regular OB doc told me the baby could have died as recently as Tuesday or as far as a week or 2 before. I get more scared at night because I fear I'll wake up bleeding badly or in horrible pain but a part of me wants to wait until I at least have some spotting or the cramping is more consistent. My other concern is if I end up going to the ER will they do another ultrasound to be sure one way or another or will they jump to wanting to do a D&C? Of course if my symptoms are bad & it's obvious I'm passing tissue along with bleeding I'm most likely having a m/c & will opt for the D&C right away. It's just part of me questions things until I have more symptoms. I'm kind of just floating going back & forth between decisions right now. And on top of this my husband is to report to another state late January which the Army gave us short notice of. This means we have about 3 weeks to pack, move from WA to WI & find a place there in 3 weeks or so. I feel like this is rushing my decision too. I just wish we didn't have to move so soon & I could relax & focus on my possible m/c that could happen any day or not. I really don't want to be worrying about this while traveling but I'm scheduled to get another blood test Monday & see my doc Tuesday if the m/c doesn't progress. They might do an ultrasound again that week & I think I've decided that if the docs still are sure it's a failed pregnancy I will be having a D&C. Part of me just worries because some women were told they had failed pregnancies but decided to wait a week for another ultrasound & that's when they did detect a HB & their babies were fine.

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