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I went to my first OB appt this past Tuesday feeling just fine and excited to see how baby is doing. According to the calculations I'm currently 11 weeks but based on my first day of my last period and when my husband left the state to go to an Army school, I could be as low as 7 1/2 to 8 weeks. At the OB appt the doc was friendly and after the physical exam he used the doppler to possibly hear baby's HB, but I knew it may not be heard so soon on a doppler. He offered to do an ultrasound which I wasn't expecting but wasn't going to turn down. He did the abdomenal kind first and was quiet while looking. I could see a little fetus kind of like a gummy bear, big head with short fists and feet, so cute. Well then he offered the transvag U/S and after awhile he told me that he couldn't see what he wanted to see and wanted a second opinion. He left the room to find another doc while I got dressed and became very anxious. Then he came back and suggested that I go to Radiology for another ultrasound in the next few days but that I shouldn't be concerned.

I got an U/S appt the next day and was so excited yet very nervous and scared. The tech did a lot more looking and taking pics and recordings than my doc did. She did both abdomenal and transvag. Hubby was with and he said he could see the little baby. She left the room stating she had to show the info to a doc and that he may want to come in and have a second look. Of course I became very nervous and scared again. As soon as he came in he walked straight up to me with a concerned face and informed me that I have had a "failed pregnancy". There was no cardiac activity. The tech did another transvag while he watched and confirmed it again. Of course I was devistated. I went back to my OB doc and he told me about my options. For now I'm waiting for a natural m/c but may go in for a D&C.

My concern is that I don't have a single symptom of miscarriage yet. Also I took a blood test to measure the pregnancy hormone the same day as my OB appt and it has risen and as the doc said it was very high. Any advice on the slight possibility things could be ok and that there may be a mistake, especially if I'm actually closer to 7 1/2 weeks to 8 weeks instead of 11? The second U/S measured me at 8 weeks. Should I try to get another opinion? Is it true they do another U/S before the D&C? This is my first pregnancy and I have no health issues. Is there any hope? Part of me has accepted this and will be TTC again if the m/c goes through as the doctors think it will. I'm still not having any m/c symptoms and my pregnancy symptoms feel the same and haven't lessen, although I know the pregnancy hormone can linger even after baby has died. Thanx for any help or advice.

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