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About 3 days ago I did a pregnacy test and after about 15mins it was a positive result, very faintly. Then the next day I had very light pinkish brownish discharge, then yesterday nothing at all. Then this morning I wake up and I'm bleeding (not as much as I normally would in a period though, not very heavy). And all day today it's been alternating between pinkish discharge and bright red blood. but all up it's only been enough to almost but not even fill one pad for the past 10 hours that it's been happening today. I had very bad cramps this morning but not anymore, now I just have a heavy feeling in my lower stomach, and I've been so very tired. I've had all the symptoms of an early pregnancy up to this point. I really need to know what is happening to me, if this is normal or if I am having a miscarriage. please help ps. I'm not sure when my period is due exactly but, right now seems to be around the normal time, my periods are always on time and regular normally.

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