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Hello ladies,

Hope all is well. I just went through a 3rd miscarriage. Found no heartbeat at 9 week scan. My earlier 2 miscarriages in second trimester but this one in the first trimester but a new spin.

I wanted to check if you ladies got lucky and had succesful pregnancies. I was hoping I will get positive response. Did you do any more tests other than blood work ?

I have lost all the hope. After second mc we did lot of blood work but found no problem. I'm fact for this pregnancy I took lovenox just as precaution but did not help. Also, I started with a rocky start with hcg not doubling and then hb slowd from 142 to 117. But at 8 weeks the hb was strong. At 9 weeks we were in a shock to see no hb.

Please let me know. I have lost all hopes on doctors and tests and myself.
So sorry for everyone's losses. I am interested in these answers, too. After each of three "normal" pregnancies I have had progressively worsening miscarriages..the last two have been about a year apart. I say progressively worsening because first was blighted ovum, then one possibly caused by an infection I contracted at around 9 weeks, then lost the third at 12 weeks, then lost this somewhere between 16 and 19 weeks. Seems to me with me there is a pattern of something that gets worse with my age? Also too coincidental is all my losses were to be fall babies, and all my surviving children wer March-May babies...I'm guessing my healthy children are giant miracles or something. Thanks for asking this Tulsi...I am interested too. Praying for peace for you.

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