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[QUOTE=Tulsi;4647976]i had 2 miscarriages in a row, the first in Dec 2009 @ 18 weeks and now in Dec 2010 @ 16 weeks.

There are a few similarities between the two:
a. Second trimester loss
b. no pain / contractions
c. started with light spotting / bleeding.

However, there were a few differences too:
a. Preg 1 - water broke at home, Preg 2 - water broke after inducing labor.
b. Preg 2 - when i checked in at the hospital, i had bulging membrane from the cervix.
c. Preg 1 - the baby had a heartbeat till well into labor, Preg 2 - the baby did not have a heartbeat when we went to the hospital.

Before the start of the second pregnancy and during the first few months the doctor did the usual screening for lupus, blood clotting, and hsg but everything was normal. I was low on progesterone in the second preg and so the doc gave me progesterone supplements for the entire first trimester.

The doctors now suspect this could be cervix incompetency but the loss of heartbeat throws it off. They are going to do further tests to ascertain if there are any chromosomal abnormalities.

has anyone else here gone through something similar. Do you know if one has cervix incompetency, does the bulging membrane result in a loss of heartbeat, or is cervix competency accompanied with or result in loss of heartbeat.

Any responses or answers would help me find some clues to this mystery that is troubling me.[/QUOTE]


I have had 4 miscarriages and my last two ended similar to yours. During my third loss I was at home, 16 weeks and on my way to the bathroom at 2am when my water broke. I got to the the ER and the baby still had a healthy hearbeat though there did not appear to be any fluid remaining in the sac. I was given medication to induce labor and so on. I was told that I might have an incompetent cervix.

The fourth pregnancy I had a cerclage/stitch placed at 13 weeks. At 16 weeks I began having pain at home. I went to the ER and learned that my amniotic sac was partially in the vaginal canal and partially still in my uterus, even though the stitch was still in place. Doctors performed an emergency surgery. They were going to try to use a needle to pull fluid from from the sac abdominally but learned that the fluid was in the sac that was outside of the uterus. I suppose that if the baby would have remained in this position with no fluid then eventually there would have not been a heartbeat, though my sac was still in tact.

My doctor is now recommending an abdominal cerclage, which will cause me to have to have a c-section, as the stitch won't be removed until the c-section. Had this last pregnancy survived, the doctor would have removed the stitch vaginally at 37 weeks.

I hope you are able to take something from this.

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