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Hey everyone, sorry if i'm a little too blunt....

So yesterday I thought I was getting my period, i have gotten my period around the same time last month. Later at night my boyfriend and I went to the bar, we did get pretty drunk. A minute or two after leaving we had to pull over because I got sick. I threw up all the alcohol, out the nose and everything. But I found it weird because I usually hold my liquor, I NEVER throw up.

This morning I wake up and still feel drunk which was weird since I only had smirnoff ice and I didn't drink as much as usual. Anyways, I took my tampon out earlier in the morning and it was covered in brown, not completely though. I would say a good 12 hours(I know it's not good to leave them in that long). I went back to sleep, woke up and went to the bathroom again expecting to be leaking blood and instead nothing dropped in the toilett, I wiped and it was all dark brown with little black clots.

If anyone know's anything about what's going on please help me out. I'd greatly appreciate it.

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