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[FONT="Tahoma"]I found out I was pregnant in August of 09, every ultrasound I had showed I was pregnant but we never saw a fetus, just the sac. Drs said this pregnancy would most likely end in miscarriage but I had no signs besides one medium sized blood clot and extreme hair loss(which they said was nothing, it is!) Finally at 10 weeks my dr told me my miscarriage would probably be starting soon, it did later that day. It was HORRIBLE! I bled for 2 weeks straight getting worse & worse, towards the end I was real dizzy everytime I used the rest room, got real hot & huge,scary,tissue like clots were coming out. Finally on the 14th or 15th day I used the restroom and about passed out on the toilet, my husband came in and saw my head resting on the wall & i was shivering like i was in Alaska but I told him I was soo hot, I was rushed to the hospital and had a D&C. Well, that was towards the end of Sept, I never got another period after that, end of November came and I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. I now have a very healthy & handsome 5 month old baby boy:) but...I have been on the pill since he was born and have had very light periods to the point i just wear a pantyliner for a few days, lately I've been EXTREMELY emptional, very moody, same as previous pregnancies so about a month ago I took a test, negative..for about 2 weeks I've had extreme hair loss and my belly is very sensitive and hurts like hell wen the baby is standing on me, I've had little cramping all day yesterday and in the shower last night I felt something coming out down there, I look down and theres 2 medium sized, tissue looking clots, I kinda screamed and immediatley I'm in tears, flashing back. Not that I want another child now, by no means! but still the thought of going through this again is heartbreaking, now after my novel above :) I'd like to know if it is possible to only miscarry for a couple of days?!?! I can't find a clear answer anywhere and dont have insurance so if this is just a weird period Il'll be very upset with the bill I'll get from ER =( [/FONT]

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