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Jan 20, 2011
Hi there I hope that someone can give me some light on what has been going on with me. (jan 6) At 8 weeks pregnant I had a gush of light blood and passed 2 small clots. I went to the ER. they said I was having a miscarriage. My cervix was closed and HCG was at 56000. (jan 10) Went back to hospital for ultrasound. They found an empty sac. HCG was at 76000. (Jan 14) I passed 6 clots the size of hand. I continued to just spot never filling a pad once. I was releived that something was finally happening to finish this process. (jan 17) went to family doc to follow up HCG levels. They came back at 91159. So my doc is confussed and asked me to go back to ER. I have an appointment with a obgyn tomorrow. Asking for another ultrasound.

So I came here to see if anyone has delt with this or may know what is going on with my body. Please and thank you!

Oh and this is my 3rd pregnancy. I have two daughters aged 10 and 3.

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