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Ok I'm new to this miscarriage thing, it sucks.. But here is my story and then my question..

Tue night ( Jan 17,11) I was having really sharp pains on my left side like someone was stabbing me it hurt but the pain stopped maybe 20 mins later. Well that morn I was in the shower and I had a dull ache and it was concerning, well I went to work around 10am and I was putting clothes away and I got a sharp pain and then I felt a pop. I knew something was wrong. I went straight to the er. Well I get there and I tell them that I have an iud, I no longer can feel the strings and i have some bleeding( my period wasn't even due for another week) anyway they do some tests blood work, I found out that I have a positive pregnancy test, the iud is no longer there I have a horrible uti, and I had a ruptured cyst.. Well the doc says that my hcg levels were only 144 and that I will probably miscarry, and to come in on friday (Jan 20,11) and recheck the levels, so that night after hearing the news I come home and the bleeding had almost completely stopped. Thursday morn it stopped completely and so did the pain. So on Friday I was happy getting excited to go get the bloodwork and excites for a new babe, but when thee results came back the doc said the levels were only 114 and that I miscarried.. It's hard but I just have this gut feeling that I didn't miscarry and the doc was wrong..

Could this be at all possible, the said I'm only a couple of weeks pregnant, I have to go in again on tues and get my levels rechecked. To make sure the hcg is 0...

I honestly think I was misdiagnoised. No bleeding no blood clots. Nothing? Can advice or stories will be great.

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