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[QUOTE=oregonbound;4671989]This post was some time ago. Have you received your results?

If your HCG was only 144, it would have been so early, that the bleeding could have been similar to that of a medium to heavy period. The fact that you had HCG present is a clear indicator of pregnancy, unless you're taking hormones.

I'm sorry for your loss.[/QUOTE]

No nothing yet, I was told to come in and make sure my hcg levels are continuing to go down but I didn't make that apt. So I'm actually gonna take a test tomorrow and see if it's negative. When I talked to the doc he advised me that taking a test would be a little less pricey then going back into the ER. If it turns out negative then the level is under a 5 but if it's still positive then that's when the doc would like me to come back in.

I'll keep you posted on what happens in the morning when I take my test :)

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