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Hi there,
You don't say whether this is your first pregnancy or not. Very similar thing happened to me, I think it was called blighted ovum or something like that. Went for the ultrasound and nothing, but still all the hormones YECHH. Anyway, D&C removed all that was left. Doc said it's the same basically as very early miscarriage, and he told me it was my body getting ready to be pregnant - kind of like a test run? So not to worry, everything is working, just something with the embryo wasn't right and that's the way the body rids itself of it, and it does just disappear - I think. D&C needed to clean everything else out so to start fresh I guess. Sure enough, less than a year later we were pregnant again with no problems, had a healthy baby girl. I learned not to get too excited about anything prior to the second trimester, though we ended up having only the one child. One was quite enough.

That's how I got through it, rationalizing that this was my body's way of handling a defective embryo, which wasn't anything more than a group of cells at the time. PLus I felt much better about a couple months later when the cycle started again and all back to normal. The only bad part was I had a little hemorraging from the D&C about a month after getting it, had to go to the ER there was so much blood. ER told me it's quite common for that side effect from the dc.

Hugs to you and better luck next time. :angel:

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