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Hi Carmen - I saw your post under the m/c poem. I hope you do not mind me asking but I have seen your postings a couple of times as 'born asleep'.

I was just wondering if you would be willing to share your story with me - if you do not feel comfortable don't worry.

The reason i ask is that I lost my first baby 'Joshua' 6 months into the pregnancy. It was an absolute nightmare and something I would never ever wish to go through again. Like you say there is nothing worse than losing a baby.

I have had subsequent miscarriages too but none was worse than losing our son. I too have a photo - my only regret is that I never held him as I was too scared. It sounds really silly now but it was what I felt at the time. I just thank god that they took a photo - although that in itself was hard because he was dressed in a yellow cute hat, vest and shawl and the first thing I thought was - I should have done that - I am his mummmy.

I am lucky in that I have 2 kids now and my 3rd is due in 2 weeks.

Do you have any other children? Any how I will look for your reply. Thanks - it does help alot to be in contact with some-one who has lost a baby late because I do not actually have a close firend or similiar who has gone through someting similiar although the vast majority of my friends have had miscarriages.

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