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On December 19th I began having contractions and learned that despite having a transvaginal cerclage in place, that part of the baby's amniotic sac was in the vaginal canal and the other end was still in my uterus. My water eventually broke and so on. The doc on duty opted not to perform a D&C to avoid any trauma to my cervix and uterus. At the end of January, my actual OB doc performed an u/s and saw residuals from the placenta. He performed a D&C in late January. I was told that I would probably stop bleeding in a few days but it could last another week or two. I retured to the doctor 3 times to have my Bete HCG levels read. They were slowly declining and my last reading was at a 5 about a week ago. The doc believes that this is a good sign that he won't have to perform a 2nd D&C, but I'm still bleeding. Any ideas or similar experiences out there? I have bled every single day since December 19th. Fortunately it's not heavy like a period, but I'm definitely bleeding.

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