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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][/FONT]I Usually take the pill but last weds night I got severe nausea, dizzy headedness, tiredness, fatigue. I figured it was just an off day but as of monday I still have it and now I get sick from smells, also I have shortness of breath which I had with my daughter when I was pregnant thats actually how i found out i was. well it is now wed again and I took a pee test but it was neg but my period isnt due till next week. well now i have started having some bleeding its doesnt have tissue just some light colored blood, and i know stopping the pill can cause this i stopped taking it saturday, but I have been on the same pill for two years and have stopped on other numerous occasions due to running out and having to see the doctor before they give me a new prescription, and I have never had any inbetween bleeding or spotting and my period will always just resume as normal. Ive never had any cramping with my period but now I have a slight stomach cramp and a cramp in my lower right side, not severe but a noticeable uncomfortable feeling. Im not exactly sure what is going on do you think this could be a miscarriage or implantation bleeding or a virus like my doctor said........

Thursday: Well today my bleeding got very heavy heavier than any of my normal periods and i lost all the other symptoms like the nausea but still have the stomach crampings and now i have medium to large tissue passing too ??? which i am usually a very light not even noticeable period person with no cramps no heavy blood or anything like that

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